How to Chew Your Food


Before you laugh at the title hear us out. You would be surprised by the number of people who chew incorrectly. Chewing your food will allow more nutrients to enter your body and it will prevent digestive problems such as choking, aspiration, malnutrition, dehydration and weight gain. Here we are going to learn about how to chew your food properly.

How Long Should You Chew?

Many suggest 32 times but it depends on the type of food. With steak, you might need to chew longer and fruits may get you to chew less.

As you chew, your salivary glands secret various enzymes that help with the digestive process. The more enzymes are mixed, the more nutrients you digest, and the healthier you become.

Lose Weight by Chewing Better?

Changing an unconscious habit such as chewing may take some time. The best place to start is to consciously start chewing your food until it’s automatic. This might mean sitting down and fully experiencing the sensations of the food. Another reason to make you keep going is the results of weight loss found in a recent study.

Institute of Food Technologists studied the consumption of almonds. The findings may shock you…

When almonds were chewed for longer they noticed:

  • Nutrients were more quickly absorbed by the body
  • Participants consumed almost 12% fewer calories
  • Chewing longer produced weight loss and greater energy

Improve Digestion

  1. Chewing slowly
  2. Avoid liquids before and after your meal
  3. Smell and completely taste your food

When Chewing is Painful or Uncomfortable

If you have been experiencing pron longed pain as you eat, you may have a problem that can’t be fixed by itself. Ring us today at The Dental Junction and we can examine and provide a tailored plan to get you back on track.


Properly chewing your food is vital for optimal digestion. Meals should be eaten sitting down, in a calm setting, to ensure that food is well chewed.

Hope you enjoyed the blog regarding How to Chew Your Food.If you have any queries regarding this topic feel free to ask in the comment section or just grab your phone and contact our team.

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