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Concerns about Oral Piercings?


A popular form of impression, piercings make people feel and look good. Out of the many varieties of piercings, oral piercings are one of the hardest to look after. Since it’s in your mouth it shares the same warm, moist space with millions of bacteria.

Here are certain things to consider involving Oral Piercings:

Initial Concerns of Oral Piercings

  • Infections are common amongst all piercings. It can range from minimal pain all the way to life threatening issues such as blocking your ability to breathe.
  • Bleeding from the mouth can be uncontrollable. Please go to an emergency hospital as soon as this occurs.

Taking Care of Oral Piercings during its early stages

Redness and swelling can persist up to a fortnight. Rinsing your mouth after each meal is a great preventive measure to keep the piercing clean.

Long-Term Complications

  • Though it can be tempting we advise not to play with piercings because it may lead to gum injuries, cracked or sensitive teeth.
  • Speaking can become difficult due the excess amount of saliva produced
  • If you have restorations such as crowns; it can be damaged with repeated contact with oral jewelry.

Precautions and Solutions

To maintain cleanliness and prevent diseases, we recommend brushing, floss and rinsing your teeth twice a day.

If you notice any infection or swelling, please contact us immediately to book an appointment. 

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