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Teeth Whitening in Noosa

Have you looked in the mirror recently and wondered why your teeth aren’t as bright as they used to be? At The Dental Junction, we help people achieve a whiter smile every day. You can look your best, feel confident, and make an excellent first impression with a simple teeth whitening procedure.

Our clinic provides you with two different types of these smile-brightening procedures. You can choose whether you would like it completed on-site or in the comfort of your home.

Get Gorgeous Results With Our
In-Chair Option

If you have an upcoming event or don’t want to wait to see results, in-chair whitening may be ideal for you. You can see a change in several shades in a simple hour-long visit. We’ll apply the whitening gel, then accelerate the process with a special light. You’ll leave our clinic with your dazzling new smile.

Brighten Your Smile From Home

Not in a rush? You may find our take-home kits are more suitable for your needs. You’ll have trays custom-created in our clinic. At home, you’ll fill each tray with the bleaching gel, then wear them for an hour. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll have the full results. You can keep your trays so that your whitening can be topped up as needed.

Why Do Teeth Discolour?

Our teeth were made to last for our lifetime. However, there are several factors that can affect their health. Staining is commonly
caused by

  • Certain medications such as tetracycline
  • Tobacco use
  • Red wine, coffee and tea
  • Staining foods such as berries
  • The ageing process

If you want your whitening to last as long as possible, avoid dark liquids and foods that can stain your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I spend on this service?

You get what you pay for. Off-the-shelf teeth brightening solutions are not of the same quality as in-office ones.

Is teeth whitening at a dentist worth it?

Yes, if you want quick results that last, you should go to a dentist. Part of the procedure includes a consultation to identify weak points in the teeth or any health risks. Whitening your teeth at home on your own could create problems such as damaging enamel.

What is the safest way to brighten older teeth?

Whether you’re old or young, the safest way to whiten teeth is with guidance from a dental professional.

How can I whiten my severely yellow teeth?

We have in-chair and take-home options that get excellent results.

How long does teeth whitening last?

It depends on the option you use. For optimal results, you should get a check and clean first.

What is the best teeth brightening method?

The professional in-chair option provides the best results and is safest for your teeth.

How often is it okay to whiten teeth?

Your teeth whitening should last between 6-12 months, depending on how you care for your teeth, whether you avoid smoking, dark foods and drinks, etc.

How many sessions do you need?

Professional in-chair teeth whitening can be done in one session that takes about an hour. If you choose the take-home option you’ll wear the trays for an hour each day for two weeks.

Does baking soda really whiten teeth?

Although baking soda can remove surface-level stains, be cautious, so you do not wear away enamel. To achieve a brilliant white smile, professional whitening is recommended.

Can too much whitening damage teeth?

Yes, people aspire to have a beautiful bright smile, but also need to remember the health of their teeth is even more important. If you want a white smile that lasts, professional whitening is your best option.

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Our Superior Products

Though you can buy a kit at the chemist to whiten your teeth, the whitening solution used is weaker. We can provide you with professional-grade whitening that will give you luminous results.

Take That First Step Towards a Stunning Smile

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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