Dental Veneers at The Dental Junction

Your smile speaks volumes about you. It has the power to create an unforgettable first impression. If you don’t feel proud of the way your teeth look, the team at The Dental Junction has the solutions for you. No matter what your concerns may be, we can evaluate you and make our best recommendations to achieve your goals.

You can transform your teeth using dental veneers. This cosmetic restoration is bonded to the front of your tooth structure, giving an instant change to your appearance. They are suitable for:

  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Discoloured teeth
  • Misshapen teeth

What Is a Veneer?

A veneer is a thin, porcelain shell. It looks similar to a fake fingernail. Several veneers can be placed on teeth that neighbour each other, giving a uniform change to your smile. People typically choose to have 6-10 veneers depending on their particular smile needs.

What to Expect in Getting Dental Veneers

The first step is to have a consultation. A member of our team will sit down to discuss what you would like to change and whether veneers are right for you. You’ll partner with us to design how you would like your smile to appear, making sure that you are happy with the colour and contour of it.

We’ll outline the treatment process with you, then book two visits. The first visit is to prepare your teeth to receive the veneers. You’ll receive a set of temporary veneers to wear until the laboratory has created yours and sent them back to us. The second is to have your veneers placed.


If your dental veneers come off wrap it up, keep it concealed in a container and book an appointment with your dentists as soon as possible. During the appointment, your dentists will assign whether the veneers can be bonded back on.

The cost of dental veneers is dependant on your unique situation. During the consultation, our dentist will let you know how much each veneer will cost you.

The lifespan of your dental veneers depends on various factors: 

  • Have you opted for composite or porcelain dental veneers?
  • Porcelain is a stronger material.
  • Are you maintaining your oral habits such as brushing and flossing?
  • Has your dentists strong bonded the material? The incompetence of some dentists makes it more likely for the veneers to fall off.
  • How much do you grind your teeth?

Typically, veneers should be replaced every 10-15 years.

People who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) may not be the best candidate for veneers, as it can shorten its lifespan. Furthermore, people who don’t practice good oral habits and have multiple missing teeth are not suited towards veneers.

Yes, you can. You can keep on trying multiple veneers to examine which shade and shape best suits you. You can also ask the people in your life for their opinion on your smile. Keep on trying temporary dental veneers until you find your favourite.

You will have to contact your dental insurance and ask if dental veneers are covered. In most instances, veneers are not covered under insurance.

Dental veneers are very safe. After a couple of weeks, you might forget you even have them on due to how naturally they blend in with the surrounding teeth. Some people could experience an allergic reaction to the bonded material.


It’s never a bad idea to make an investment in loving the way you look. Whether your wedding day is approaching, you have a job interview coming up or you want to feel greater self-confidence, we can help you with dental veneers Noosa Heads.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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